1953 Buick Special

Finding Inspiration

1953 Buick Special rmwillustration

While I usually don’t wait for inspiration to come before I start drawing or painting, there’s often a clear  “aha” moment somewhere in the process. 

When I create something -it can be song, a painting, a story- there has to be an idea, some kind of spark to get started.

Inspiration can come while I’m alone or in a room full of people. It can be anything really. Something somebody said,  a look or pose, the branches of a tree, an abstract pattern.

When I’m lost for ideas, taking an “artistic break” from working always helps -especially when I’ve been struggling to get it right.

I like walking around the neighborhood with a camera, or driving around at night with a pile of CD’s on the passengers seat (that’s my old 1953 Buick there on the picture).

A break put things in perspective, I get a distance from the work and suddenly I know which direction to take. 

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