Drawing Table

Photos from my studio

I always like to see how other artists work and learn about the materials they use. Here are a few photos from my studio:

1. The drawing table. Working at an angle is so much better than working on a flat surface. It was a real bargain, I bought it from an architect firm that was getting rid of some furniture.

2. Picture shelves from IKEA, great for displaying drawings and small paintings.

3. I use and old table with a glass palette for oil painting. For large acrylic paintings, I use paper plates to mix the paint.

4. The easel. I hope to replace this one with a larger and sturdier one someday.

5. Storage space…

Brush Holder

6. A close-up of my D.I.Y brush holder that keeps my brushes from rolling of the table. Practical and easy to make. I will write a post about how to make one in the near future.

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