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This week has been a busy week, mostly filled with music projects. Painting outside is still out of the question, it’s freezing cold: -18 C. this morning. I did make a drawing for illustration friday and I managed to draw some head sketches.

Last thursday on Valentine¬īs Day I played a concert for high school students at the local library. Tomorrow night I’ll be playing with the band at a ski resort.

Inspiring links and articles:

  • The creative pathfinder course is a free 26-part creative career guide by Mark McGuinness. For artists and performers of all kinds. If you want to make a creative living or lift your career, this is the course to follow.
  • Secrets of a modern painter. I came across this site only recently. There’s lot’s of information about painting techniques here.
  • More Insights on Sharpening Your Creative Mind. They have a wallpaper available for download with a John Cleese quote I like: “Creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating.”
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