Fixing the lighting in my studio

I finally got round to fixing the lighting in my studio. The light was way too warm and yellow. It was hard to mix colors. In my portraits, the skin colors always turned out orange.

I knew this was caused by the poor lighting, but instead of fixing the problem I started adjusting the paint mixes. A bad solution to a problem that’s easy to fix.

Two fluorescent-lamps emitting cold white light of 6500 Kelvin – instead of the normal 3000 Kelvin for household lamps – made all the difference. The higher the Kelvin number, the cooler the light. I put them up on the ceiling in an old fixture I had left from redecorating the kitchen.

The combination of the cold fluorescent light with a little daylight or warm room lights, makes it much easier to mix colors.

There’s also more light overall, so I can see what I’m doing!

Will Kemp has written an in-depth article on art studio lighting:

And here’s another excellent one from aristides atelier:

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