Portrait Sketch #12


Pencil on nostalgia paper

While I normally use Photoshop to crop and edit my drawings, this time I used the free Gimp 2.8 software to see if I could get similar results.

I had been looking for an easy way to apply a halftone effect to my drawings and Gimp has a filter called ‘newsprint’ that can do this. It’s hidden in the distorts menu ( Filters -> Distorts -> Newsprint).

After some trial and error, I ended up with the settings below.

Gimp plugin settings

Cell size is the most important parameter here. The line option in the spot function menu gave also interesting results.

The halftone effect was a little strong, so I duplicated the original layer and applied the plugin to this layer. Then I changed the layer mode to multiply and adjusted the opacity down to 55%.

Gimp Layers Window

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