Plein-air Painting

This summer I wanted to do some more painting outside and ‘on location’, also known as Plein-Air painting.

To learn more about landscapes I decided to paint many smaller (15x20cm) paintings, instead of larger paintings that take much longer to finish.

I set a time limit of maximum one hour for each painting. This way you really have to focus and work fast. There’s no time to fiddle with details and it helps to keep the painting loose.


From a small aluminum suitcase and a camera tripod I made a lightweight painting setup.

In the suitcase there’s enough room for everything I need; paint, brushes, a palette and a pile of canvasses that I cut to size and just tape to the inside lid.


Landscape-painting-#3-300714 willem-art

Mountainview in Oppdal, Norway
15×20 cm

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