How to bind your own sketchbooks


Buying ready made sketchbooks can get expensive. Making your own is cheaper and you can use different kinds of your preferred paper.

Here’s an easy way to bind your own sketchbooks.

What you’ll need:
– a hole punch
– paper
– cardboard (optional) for front and back
– a large needle and thread

>Click on the picture to enlarge>

1) Start with a stack of your favourite paper sandwiched between a cardboard back and front.

2) Punch 4 holes with a hole punch. Two about 1,5 cm from the back and side, and two evenly spaced in between. Use more holes for larges sized sketchbooks.

3) Cut a piece of thread about 4 times the length of the book. Tip: Pass a double thread through the eye of the needle for increased strength, as shown on the picture above. Weave tightly as shown in the illustration. A dotted line means the thread is on the underside of the book.

Coming back at the point where you started, weave the thread one last time through the hole, in a loop around the first thread and tie off with a double knot.

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