My Workplace


I’m lucky to have a dedicated workplace in the garden. It has been a long time dream and last year I finally had the time to transform the old gardenshed into a painting studio. It’s about 25m2 and fully insulated. A small gas heater heats up the room quickly in the winter.

Working from home can get a bit lonely now and then, but there are many advantages as well. Today was the first day of snow, there came about 15 cm, and on such days I don’t miss the commuting to work. While I was painting a small deer came walking by the window.

The painting studio doubles as a music studio. I teach guitar on tuesday evenings and write songs here. There’s even enough space for rehearsals with the band.

I like to have a organized workplace without too many distractions. It’s not always as tidy as on the photo’s, but everytime I start a new project I have to get rid of all the old stuff first.





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