1965 VW Beetle


65 VW Beetle

Last Monday we had one of the first warm and sunny days here in Norway, so I took my sketchbook outside to sketch around the house. Our ’65 beetle, named ‘Albert’ was parked outside during the winter and covered in snow most of the time.

Inspired by a few DIY Pochade Easel designs that I found online on the Gurney Journey blog, I made a new setup for outside painting with watercolours. I used a Velbon camera tripod and a little wooden box which holds the paints and a brushes.

The release plate that attaches the box to the tripod is also a DIY design. Since the tripod is attached to the lid of the box, gravity does the rest and – with help of a wedge-shaped piece of wood on the back – keeps the box open at the right angle. Two clamps hold the sketchbook in place.

To keep everything as simple as possible I only used one brush for this painting, a Pentel Aquash Water Brush, that holds the water in the handle.



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