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Illustrations for a poetry book


For the past few months I’ve been very busy working on illustrations for a poetry book, written by author Elin Sveen.

She has published three books; “Fra barnsdommens rike” in 2008, “Minnebok fra krigen” in 2009, and “Å spinne seg en gylden tråd” in 2010.

Hålasdaar Mæ Sokker På” was released last week on the 1st of May 2015.

The poems are written in the “Toten” dialect, a norwegian local language from the Toten region, about 100 km above Oslo.

In Norway there are many different sounding dialects that even sometimes a native Norwegian speaker may have difficulty understanding.
Speaking the local dialect is encouraged and people are proud to do so.

This is the opposite in the Netherlands where I grew up. There I learned to hide my original dialect -in my case “Twents“- from a young age. Fortunately this is changing a bit now and dialects are more appreciated.

I made the drawings in this book with the common theme of the poems of nature and traditions in mind.

This was a great project to do and I’m pleased to be part of the making of this wonderful book.


Sketchbook pages

Last year I started studying an online figure drawing class by Glenn Vilppu.

He explains there are basically two ways of drawing: the academic approach, using long poses of many hours where the model is exactly copied, and drawing from imagination, inventing and constructing the figure out of basic forms.

He teaches how to analyse and construct the figure starting with a gesture drawing.

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook of 1 to 5 minute poses.

The poses are from the New Masters Academy online art school.

Sketchbook-page-3 Sketchbook-page-5


Sketchbook-page-6 Sketchbook-page-7 Sketchbook-page-8

Head sketches in wash technique


I made these drawings as studies for a mural painting in a pub I’ve been asked to do.

The pen & wash technique used here I found on the internet in a lesson from the “Famous Artist Course.”

First I draw lightly in pencil and then I add washes with a small nr. 3 brush using Ivory black gouache paint and black ink.

Portrait Sketch on Canson paper



Sketch after a Andrew Loomis drawing on Canson paper.

When I visited Holland, I bought a Canson drawing pad called “C a grain”. This is a grainy paper that I couldn’t find in stores in Norway.

I like to use the side of the pencil for shading and this paper is great for that. Because of the grain, you can get dark tones with just a HB or 2B pencil. Instead of switching pencils for darker tones I like to start and finish a drawing with the same pencil, and with this paper I can do that.