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Maaiende Boer, 1885, Peasant Reaping Corn, Van Gogh

Van Gogh Drawings

Maaiende Boer, 1885, Peasant Reaping Corn, Van GoghArenlezende Boerin, 1885, Woman Gleaning, Van Gogh
I found these two prints of van Gogh drawings in an used&antique store. I spotted them the moment I walked in the door. The drawings are professionally framed by O.M. Knudsen in Oslo.
On the back there are labels that say in Dutch and English:
Arenlezende Boerin, 1885, Woman Gleaning
Maaiende Boer, 1885, Peasant Reaping Corn
Drawing heads

Head Drawing

Here is another drawing copied from the book Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis. I took pictures with my mobile phone of some stages of the drawing. The paper is white but somehow appears gray on the camera. I like the feel of the Hahnemuhle nostalgie paper in combination with charcoal pencils.

Charcoal pencil on A4 Hahnemuhle nostalgie paper


TV Portrait sketch

This is a sketch from a still image on the TV. I just sat down with my laptop, tablet and sketchbook pro in front of the TV and started drawing.
I then quickly colored the sketch with the copic markers in sketchbook.  It’s amazing how fast you can turn out sketches with this setup.
Here is the sketch: