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Illustration Friday: Fluid

This week I wanted to try an illustration with some sort of a screen print effect. I found a tutorial by illustrator Sam Brewster in the digital artist daily magazine and used it as a guide.

The illustration was created by painting shapes over a scanned pencil sketch in Photoshop Elements.

The shapes are on three individual color layers. I moved and warped the layers, added a little texture and some brush scratches.

Illustration Friday: Popularity

My entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme. I decided to use Inkscape to create a vector based image. I started out, as usual, with a scanned pencil sketch and drew vector shapes on top of this in Inkscape.

The program is great, but I didn’t really like fiddling with vectorhandles. Not totally satisfied with this one.. The result could have been smoother and more polished. I’m also thinking about using gradients more…Maybe next time!