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Back To School!


It has been a little quiet on this blog, but a lot is happening!

First of all I’m very pleased to announce that I was accepted at the Florence Academy of Art, and I’ll be studying there starting in April.

And, as many of you know, I’m dividing my artistic time between drawing/painting and songwriting.

In the autumn of last year the recording sessions started for my debutalbum, “Follow The River”
The album was officially released in January 2017 and is now available on all digital music platforms and on CD. Listen to the album here:

I’ve also been working on a very large (3,5m x 1,2m) painting. I’ll be posting some images of the progress soon!

Selling Calenders


Here’s a picture from last year, just before Christmas, when I was selling calenders in the Stenberg cafe. It was freezing cold that day, so I was glad to be asked to sit inside!

I made this calender for the year 2016 and it is illustrated with twelve drawings of old farm buildings at the Stenberg Museum.


I only have a few left, just send me an email if you are interested in having one.


Illustration project


I was asked to illustrate a logo for the Norwegian Boer Goat Association. After making a few sketches we decided on this logo with heads of a male and a female goat.

The boer goat is a special breed and their name comes from the South African and Dutch word ‘boer’, meaning farmer.

I went to visit a goat farm nearby to do some ‘research’ on the specifics of the breed and to take a few pictures.

This was a fun project to do. Who said artists only sit in their stuffy studios all day and draw?



Log Cabin painting as a birthday present



I was asked by a friend to paint their family’s log cabin, as a gift to her father from herself and the family.

He received the painting last friday on his 70th birthday and they were very happy with the result. They sent me these pictures of the framed painting on the wall.

I really enjoyed doing this commissioned painting. I made a few sketches on-site to capture the light and finished the painting later in the studio.

Illustrations for a poetry book


For the past few months I’ve been very busy working on illustrations for a poetry book, written by author Elin Sveen.

She has published three books; “Fra barnsdommens rike” in 2008, “Minnebok fra krigen” in 2009, and “Å spinne seg en gylden tråd” in 2010.

Hålasdaar Mæ Sokker På” was released last week on the 1st of May 2015.

The poems are written in the “Toten” dialect, a norwegian local language from the Toten region, about 100 km above Oslo.

In Norway there are many different sounding dialects that even sometimes a native Norwegian speaker may have difficulty understanding.
Speaking the local dialect is encouraged and people are proud to do so.

This is the opposite in the Netherlands where I grew up. There I learned to hide my original dialect -in my case “Twents“- from a young age. Fortunately this is changing a bit now and dialects are more appreciated.

I made the drawings in this book with the common theme of the poems of nature and traditions in mind.

This was a great project to do and I’m pleased to be part of the making of this wonderful book.


Totenvika galleri og kulturkafe


Ten of my paintings will be on display & for sale at Totenvika galleri og kulturkafe during the spring and summer.

The gallery and cafe opens next week on Sunday the 8. of march at 12.00.

Participating artists are: “Rob Tijink (maleri) Anne Ka Munkejord (glass), Brigitte Stolpmann (foto) Dag Trygve Hansen (trekunst) Børge Thinn (treleker) May Britt Finstad (keramikk) Brita Gruehagen (smykker) Inger Fladby Thinn (tekstil) Trude Elstad (maleri) Anina Schanche (maleri) og Erik-Ottar Hansen (maleri)”

More information about the spring and summer program can be found here:

Vår og sommerprogrammet 2015


Summer exhibition at Fredholm Hageopplevelser


I’ve been very busy this week preparing an exhibition of my work. The gallery is at Fredholm Hageopplevelser, a beautiful cottage garden close to where we live.

For the first time this year they have an art gallery in the garden, and I’m very happy to show my work there.


Open Saturdays and Sundays,  12.00 – 17.00

From June 21st – August 31st

For more information, see

Drawing Table

Photos from my studio

I always like to see how other artists work and learn about the materials they use. Here are a few photos from my studio:

1. The drawing table. Working at an angle is so much better than working on a flat surface. It was a real bargain, I bought it from an architect firm that was getting rid of some furniture.

2. Picture shelves from IKEA, great for displaying drawings and small paintings.

3. I use and old table with a glass palette for oil painting. For large acrylic paintings, I use paper plates to mix the paint.

4. The easel. I hope to replace this one with a larger and sturdier one someday.

5. Storage space…

Brush Holder

6. A close-up of my D.I.Y brush holder that keeps my brushes from rolling of the table. Practical and easy to make. I will write a post about how to make one in the near future.